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Make Your Dream of Sailing Come True

Navtours's acquisition and management programs allow you to acquire the yacht of your dreams now, without having the burden of maintenance and operation costs. You can finally sail your own sailboat without the hassle and cost of maintenance.

With our guaranteed income program, Navtours pays you usually more than your monthly mortgage payments which allows you to pay back your loan more quickly (if applicable).

Your boat will receive meticulous maintenance. Your boat will always be clean and ready for your time on board. Upon return, our professional team will take control of your boat for continued chartering. Please note: you will still need to pay for cleaning according to cruise length and your fuel consumption.


Navtours' experience and competence makes a difference

Navtours will soon celebrate 20 years of operations.
This 20 years of experience has helped us develop and refine our charter and yacht management services. Our high-end, quality services are appreciated by both our charter fleet yacht owners and our charter clients.

The quality of the vessels offered by Navtours reflects our commitment to boat maintenance. This assured quality and after-sales service is unmatched by our very high standards of preventive maintenance and charter maintenance. Our commitment to maintenance ensures the boat owner high value of their sailboat will be retained.

Navtours is also, since its founding, a sailing school accredited by the Quebec Sailing Federation and more recently by the American Sailing Association. Our experience teaching sailing allows us to accurately assess the skills of charter clients. Each charter client's skills are evaluated to comply with our very strict standards for chartering, which are verified prior to boarding. If the skills or experience of a client are insufficient, Navtours will provide the assistance which will minimize the risk of accidents.

Navtours also differs by its unique navigation bases: our almost year-round base in Nassau, Bahamas, and our base on Lake Champlain during the summer months in Plattsburgh, New York. By choosing to be an owner of a Navtours charter sailboat, you choose optimal accessibility to your sailboat.

You are able to access your sailboat in 4 hours by plane from Montreal to go to the Bahamas, which are the most accessible islands in the Caribbean. During the summer months, your boat is most likely an easy drive away from Lake Champlain, which is practically in the backyard of the Montreal region.


Two Management Programs Available

DreaM guarantee Management contract

Every month you will receive guaranteed income, independent of the ups and downs of leasing your boat.

  • You will enjoy a 62 to 66 months management contract within the Navtours/Dream Yacht Charter fleet.
  • You will receive a monthly fixed amount equivalent to 8% of the value of the purchased sailboat, divided by 12 months.
  • You will have no fees to pay for the contract term. We will handles everything: marina fees, insurance, conveyance and full maintenance of your boat.
  • You will enjoy your boat up to 12 weeks a year without charge.
  • You can sail your own boat or any similar boat located in any of our 50 charter bases around the world.
  • When you are on vacation, your boat will always be clean, in perfect condition and ready to go.

Dream Performance Management contract

For those who wish to spend more or less time on their boat, this program revenu is based on the income generated by the every charter activity, the more the boat is rented, the more revenu you receive.

  • You benefit from a 66-year management contract within the Navtours / Dream Yacht charter fleet.
  • You will receive revenue whenever your boat is rented to cover a significant portion of the maintenance costs.
  • You will not have to worry about servicing your sailboat, Navtours will take care of it.
  • You will have peace of mind, your boat will always be safe and well maintained.
  • Your boat will always be clean, in perfect condition and ready to go whenever you want.

Opportunity to extend

At the end of the five years of your program, Navtours allows you to extend the contract for an additional two years under a new renewable agreement and continue to enjoy the benefits of the Navtours fleet.

Sales support

At the end of your management program, you can decide to keep your boat for your own pleasure or to sell it. We have all the necessary skills and contacts to advise and assist you in selling your boat.


It's Your Turn to Sail

With the Dream Guarantee income management program, we offers you the advantage of sailing practically year-round, a period of up to 12 weeks per year.

It's a simple program based on points:

  • You have 42 points for bookings planned in advance


  • Your points are applicable to the cruises for which you determine the period in advance.
  • Every day sailed in high season is 2 points.
  • Every day sailed in low season is 1 point.
  • You will pay your fuel, cleaning up after the cruise and other products you have consumed, if any.
  • These points can even be used to book another, larger boat, by paying the difference in the rental price.

Even more

  • You have 42 additional points for last-minute reservations that you can use two weeks before the start of the cruise. 

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