Insurances for sailboats and charterers

In the boat charter world, we must distinguish three main types of insurance :
  • Boat insurance for hull and machinery including a liability protection and indemnity
  • Boat insurance deductible coverage, generally called Damage Waiver
  • Personal insurance and cancellation insurance.


Boat insurance and P&I

All boats available for charter with or without a crew by NAVTOURS are covered by insurance to which a deductible is attached. The homeowner's insurance policy covers the tenant against damage that could occur on the body of the boat, its accessories and dependencies as well as third-party liability for property damage and bodily injury (liability). Note that the tender or dinghy and its outboard are not covered by the boat insurance policy.
The charterer is responsible for the insurance deductible amount for all parts or repairs for which he os she is liable. In case of theft or loss of the tender or its outboard motor, the tenant must pay for all the equipment replacement, since these are not covered by the insurance.
The insurance policy does not cover people present on the boat, exception in cases where responsibility would be engaged Navtours (defective equipment). Navtours also disclaims any liability for loss or damage on the personal property of the charterer and its guests. Individual insurance for passengers can be contracted by the charterer and guests, to its benefit and expense, to cover the risks mentioned above.

Damage Waiver

A damage waiver fee will be charged for all reservations without a crew. Canadian GST and QST will also be added to the amount.



Navtours offers no personal insurance (health) or cancellation insurance. But you can easily subscribe to a policy of this kind through your travel agent or through your personal credit card (trip cancellation, interruption during travel, transportation costs, boat rental fees, emergency medical expenses, flight accident, travel accident, living expenses, baggage and personal items).