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Bahamas Bareboat Charter

Bahamas Sailboat charter in Exumas and Eleuthera from one of our two permenent bases in Nassau and Georgetown
Bahamas sailboat rental + catamaran rental (as bareboat, all-inclusive or crewed)

You can now explore the Exumas and Eleuthera on a roundtrip basis – or one-way only departing from Nassau and Georgetown.

To respond to the growing demand from clients wishing to explore more of the Exumas, you can now charter a boat from the Emerald Bay marina on Great Exuma, just a few minutes from Georgetown airport.

Four different cruise options

              Return trip departing from Nassau (which we have offered for several years)

              One-way from Nassau to Georgetown

              Return trip departing from Georgetown

              One-way from Georgetown to Nassau

              One-way from Eleuthera to Georgetown and Nassau or the opposite way


A new base that’s absolutely exceptional for your cruise in Bahamas

The Emerald Bay marina owned by Sandals lives up to the luxury resort’s standards. In addition to affording perfect protection, the marina offers outstanding services:


              Floating quays that move with the tides

              Luxurious marina house (air-conditioned)

              Free wireless Internet

              Cable TV

              Free laundry facilities

              Liquor store and ice on-site

              Concierge services

              White sand beach several kilometres long just two minutes away on foot

Marina Emerald Bay           Sandals

Bahamas Yacht Rental Marina


A typical one-week round-trip itinerary departing from Nassau


- Arriving in Nassau in the afternoon

- A 25 minutes taxi ride from the airport will bring you to the marina

- Navtours team will welcome you and show you your boat

- The grocery store is a 15 minutes walk from the East Bay Marina in Nassau

- Diner on board and take time to relax and enjoy your first night in Bahamas


- Around 8:30 am: A short meeting with a Navtours captain that will give you information for your 

  navigation to get to the Exumas islands.

- You leave the marina around 9:30 am for a 6h sail that will bring you to Highborn cay in mid


- Take time to swim and go walk on the beautiful desert beach in front of the anchorage



- Snorkeling and spear fishing with Hawaiian sling on a beautiful reef

- Visit the island and it nice marina where you can observe sharks


- A 4h sail will bring you to Wardewrick Well which is the headquarter of the Exumas protected park.


A lot of activities you can do:

        - Visit the interpretation center of the Island

        - Snorkeling on one of the super protected reef of the Park

        - Hiking on one of the many trails of the Island

        - visit the ruins of a loyalist plantation

        - Swim and relax on one of the 30 desert white sand beaches of the island


- A 3h sail will bring you to Shroud Cay

- Explore the mangrove river in dinghy and discover one of the nicest beach of the Caribbean


:- A 1h sail will bring you to Normans Cay:

- Activities you can do:

       - Snorkel on a sink airplane

       - Visit the ruins of the resort of Carlos the drug dealer (learn more in the movie Blow)

       - Relax on one of the beautiful beaches of the island

       - Spear fishing for lobster on the East side of the island  


- Diner at the Mac Duff a nice restaurant with a unique ambiance on that almost desert island


- Leaving around 9 am for a 6h sail to Nassau

- Late afternoon is the happy hour time

- We dress well to go visit Paradise Island; Se the aquariums, shopping, visit the hotel Atlantis and diner at one of the nice restaurant of the resort


- We pack everything and check-out the boat before 10 am

This itinerary is only to give you an idea of a week in Exumas with Navtours. The weather and your desire to see other things might change the Island you will see.

Bahamas Sailboat Charter Rental

Bahamas sailboat charter

Donwload our little Bahamas/Exumas cruising guide. Just click on the image below.


Sailboats for rent


Jeanneau 379' - Azulys (2014)

Jeanneau 409' - Pegasus (2015)

Jeanneau 409' - Orion (2014)

Jeanneau 409' - Helios (2014)

Beneteau Oceanis 43' - Vision 360 (2012)

Beneteau Oceanis 50' - Grand Illusion

Beneteau Oceanis 54' - Albiracoque (2010)

Beneteau Sence 55' - Natalia (2012)


Catamarans for rent

Lagoon 38' - Cashgar

Lagoon 38' - Qiannu

Lagoon 39 - Carpe Diem (2014)

Lagoon 39 - Narval (2014)

Lagoon 39 - Casa (2015)

Lagoon 40' - Vesper

Lagoon 41' - O'mer

Leopard 43' - Amadeus

Lagoon 450 - Papillon (2011)

Lagoon 450 - Halia (2014)