Sailing School

Learn how to navigate at Navtours

Our sailing school allows you to be introduced to sailing - or to improve your navigation skills - with our enthusiastic certified instructors.

Navtours sailing school is approved by the Fédération de voile du Québec (F.V.Q) (Quebec Sailing Federation) and provides activities for initiation to sailing, elementary, intermediate and advanced practical training courses with recognized certification, practical lessons on how to manoeuvre a powerboat as well as classes to obtain a driver card for pleasure craft.

A recognized sailing school

The training programs offered by Navtours are endorsed by the Fédération de voile du Québec (F.V.Q) (Quebec Sailing Federation), the Canadian Yachting Association (C.Y.A) and the International Sailing Schools Association (I.S.S.A.). The Cruising on Sailboats International Handbook allows trainees to record their official licences and to register their practicum experience in order to facilitate the potential leasing of a sailboat.

Each training course takes place over a period of two (2) to seven (7) days, according to the experience of the participants as well as their ease of learning. The obtainment of an official certification is conditional upon completion of a written exam to ensure assimilation of knowledge. The cost of this examination is included in our training rates.

Also note that Navtours is also accredited by Revenue Quebec as an educational establishment, allowing you to deduct your tuition fees when the training leads to the exercise of a remunerated activity.