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Sail the 6th Largest Lake in America

Lake Champlain is a sailor's paradise. Named after the French explorer Samuel de Champlain, it is near the Canadian border in the northern United States and is surrounded on either side by Vermont and New York States.

The lake's elongated shape, and deep waters make it perfect for long leisurely sails. Spanning 193 km in length and 16kms at its widest point, it is the 6th largest fresh water lake in the United States, surpassed only by the Great Lakes. With an area of 1270 square km and over 800 km of shoreline, it offers endless sailing opportunities. It features over 70 islands, from oversized rocks to some as large as 21 km. The deepest portion, a 122m trench, is located at mid-lake between Charlotte, Vermont and Essex, New York.

Lake Champlain is a unique and magnificent sailing ground, which features clear and deep waters.

Imagine yourself sailing on a beautiful day, the Green Mountains on the east side and the Adirondacks on the west. You might think you are on the serene alpine lake, but you are enjoying all the fun and challenge of sailing on a large body of water. In the evening enjoy breath-taking mountain views while relaxing at one of the many safe anchorages such as Deep Bay, Partridge Harbor, Mallet's Bay and Converse Bay. 

Want to stretch your legs? Much of the shoreline remains undeveloped and its many marine and nature parks are perfect for a bit of hiking or nature watching. For those wanting more activity or simply to re-provision, just ease into one of the well-appointed marinas through the marked channels and treat yourself by visiting one of the many towns that line the lake. 

If you also love fishing, then the lower lake area from Whitehall and to the north of the Crown Point Bridge is for you. The river like conditions, cloudy waters and marsh lined shores are a perfect playground for fishing.


A Historical Navigation Waterway

In the pre-Columbian days, Lake Champlain was considered a vital maritime transportation corridor. Great armies and large fleets sailed it and its waters were the scene of major naval battles between American and British navies. The many military installations and historical sites are a testimony to this history. 

The brief periods of peace between the wars of the 18th and early 19th centuries, saw brave and hardy settlers use this waterway to reach their new homes in the wilderness. Once reliable land transportation became possible, the waterway was only used for peaceful purposes. Lake Champlain is a key link between the St. Lawrence and New York via the Hudson River. Commerce - legal and illegal - flourished here throughout the 19th and early 20th Centuries

These days, Lake Champlain has become a favorite amongst pleasure boaters.


The best starting point on the lake

Lake Champlain Map Bareboat CharterNavtours inaugurated the new Plattsburgh City Marina in 2015. This long-awaited marina is not only Navtours new home, but the city of Plattsburgh has also entrusted us with its management. This is great news for us but even more for you as we can finally offer you the top quality marina services you've come to expect.

So much more than a new Marina...

Because it is centrally located, you are now free to decide in which direction to travel based on the weather and wind predictions. It is centrally located in Plattsburgh, so you'll have lots of amenities at your disposal during your stay at the marina: restaurants, bars, boutiques, nature trails, parks, golf courses, museums and historic sites. And of course, you'll have easy access to all you need to provision your boat before departure; grocery store, pharmacy, and liquor stores. 

  • Welcome team and maintenance technicians - 7 days a week
  • This marina offers excellent wind and wave protection
  • Service dock: diesel, gas, pump-out, water and ice
  • Dinghy dock
  • Free WIFI
  • Toilets, showers, washer/dryers—available 24/7
  • ATM on site
  • Bicycle rental
  • Kayak and Stand-Up Paddle Board rental
  • Park and picnic tables
  • Indoor welcome counter
  • Designated area for loading and unloading—luggage cart available
  • Free and secure paved parking
  • Boat ramp

Grocery stores, pharmacies and liquor stores. All within a 5 minute drive