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Pénichettes® and Riverboat Rental - Europe

Welcome aboard! Travel the waterways and discover Europe at your own pace and leisure.

Navtours invites you on board your private motorized boat, reminiscent of the marvelous river barges of yesteryears.

You will discover unforgettable landscapes, impressive masterpieces, picturesque towns and villages, majestic castles and abbeys. Meet the river dwellers themselves; their warm welcome and wonderful traditions will surely charm you. 

Hundreds of European companies offer riverboat rentals. Navtours has short-listed 3 of the most reputable riverboat rental companies to help you with your selection.

Their fleets, boat designs, destination lists and the quality of services they offer make them favorites amongst riverboat enthusiasts.  

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be pleased to help you choose the boat that best suits your needs and budget.

Choose from a wide range of traditional Pénichettes® built by Locaboat Holidays, a comfortable riverboat by Nicols, or from LeBoat's large fleet.

Become the captain. You don't need any special permits, license or experience to rent a riverboat.It's that simple!

You will be given a brief initiation upon your arrival and you will soon become at ease with the docking, mooring, or handling your boat through the locks. These easy-to-handle boats can be piloted at speeds of 6 to 12 km/h. These boats are truly user-friendly and with their comfortable and beautifully appointed interior, they are sure to please couples, families and groups of friends. Boats ranging from 9m to 12m are available for a romantic holiday for 2 or for a larger family or group of 12. 

On average, boaters will navigate 4 to 5 hours/day for a total of 150 nm / week. You can choose to do a one-way trip or a full round-trip circuit. And don't forget to soak in the sites. Stop and visit the tourist attractions, enjoy the locks and drawbridges or take advantage of the fine-dining restaurants along the way. 


European Destinations

Discover some of the most beautiful channels, rivers and lakes in Europe at your own pace. You can choose amongst 200 different river cruises.


  • Canal du Midi: Lauragais, Mivernois, Garonne


  • South West: Gascogne, Lot, Baïse, Tarn
  • Bourgogne: Bresse, Saône-Lyonnais, Franche-Comté, Yonne, Nivernais, Loire, Loing
  • Brettany
  • Anjou
  • Ardenne, Alsace-Lorraine, Sarre
  • Aquitaine and Lot
  • Charente
  • Alsace


  • Holland North and South
  • Utrecht
  • Amsterdam


  • Mecklenburg, Müritz
  • Brandebourg, Berlin
  • Ruppin


  • Venice lagoon


  • Nieuwpoort

Each of these destinations offers different experiences with circuits focusing on nature, heritage and history, fine dining, culture and swimming. No matter where you go, you will enjoy the same privacy and unparalleled comfort of your riverboat for dining, enjoying sunsets or relaxing on the deck.



Rates will vary depending on the time of year, type of boat and the duration of the cruise.

Examples of prices for the boat (2015)

Pénichette 2 people (935W) from €861 to €1652 / week
Pénichette 4 people (1120R) €1582 to €2730 / week
Pénichette 4 people (1020FB) €1764 to €2912 / week
Pénichette 6 people (1260R) €2086 to €3,234 / week
Pénichette 6 people (1080FB) of €2,373 to €3,661 / week
Pénichette 8 people (1500FB) of €3,094 to €4,725 / week
Boat 10 people (Sedan N1310) €2220 to €3700 / week

Please note that with Navtours, you will pay the same rate as you would if you were dealing directly with our European suppliers, Locaboat Holidays, Nicols or LeBoat. However, you will benefit from free advice from our representatives, who have expertize regarding European waterway navigation. They will assist you with the choice of boat, the itinerary, transfers and supplies, etc. In short, we can make it easier for you to plan your entire vacation and make payments in your own currency.

We will provide you with precise rates for the charter. Please also consider the following

  • Riverboat fees vary according to the five rate periods: high season is July/August and
  • low season is in April and October.
  • The fee is prorated according to the number of days in each period.
  • The rental period is usually 1 to 3 weeks. You may also choose to rent for shorter periods such as
  • long-weekends, mini-week of 4 days, or periods of 10 and 11 days.
  • A discount is offered for rentals of 2 weeks or more.
  • Boarding takes place on Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays.

Rates include

  • Boat and equipment rental
  • Navigation toll (for some countries)
  • Boat insurance
  • First gas tank (for cooking)
  • Captain's log
  • Introduction to navigation
  • Bedding and dishes
  • Technical assistance 7 days / 7 days (during opening hours)

Rates do not include

  • Fuel / diesel (30 to €50 / day), gas and other consumables (*)
  • Maps guides and river cards (between 10 and €45)
  • Cancellation plan
  • Supplement for one-way cruises (between 100 to €130)
  • Bicycle rental (€40 / week)
  • Parking and transportation of vehicles
  • Transfer to the base
  • Pet package
  • Cleaning service
  • Towels and kitchen towels
  • Damage waiver
  • Marina fees or locks, if any

(*) All consumables used during your stay (diesel, gas).
Refueling is done prior to your departure. This provides for greater autonomy (10 to 14 days depending on the boat). All boats are equipped with a gauge which is read on your departure and return of your cruise. Hours of usage will be invoiced according to the rate displayed at the office.

Some vendors offer “all-inclusive” packages which may include

  • Damage waiver.
  • Diesel for navigation and heating
  • Cleaning service
  • 1 bicycle

A 40% deposit is required upon booking. The balance is due 45 days prior to departure.


How to book your river cruise

Riverboats are very popular so it's best to reserve well in advance, especially when it comes to our most popular boats and itineraries.

When planning your reservation, consider:

  • The region and circuit
  • The boat
  • Whether you prefer a one-way or return cruise
  • Departure date
  • Duration

Please contact us for availability

When to go?

  • Bases are open from mid-March to mid-November
  • The base in Portugal is open year-round

Exciting activities on the water

Travel at your own pace. Discover the most beautiful canals, rivers and lakes in Europe. 
Choose between 200 different river cruises with your Locaboat, LeBoat or Nicols boat rental.
No matter what circuit you choose, you will enjoy endless villages, castles, wineries and remarkable historical sites. So much to choose from:

  • Heritage and History
  • Culture
  • Fine-dining
  • Vineyards and wine cellars
  • Biking
  • Nature lovers
  • Swimming
  • Golf
  • Fishing
  • Horse riding
  • Water sports

Book Now !

Navtours offers you the same prices as the European suppliers

Early-bird booking rebates:

  • 7% before November 15
  • 5% before December 31
  • 3% before January 15

These rebates are in addition to available rebates for couples/families/longer circuits - subject to supplier policies

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