Boat Convoy

The deep blue ocean is calling out to you?

Ever thought of experiencing the fun and adventure of delivering a boat over a long distance? It's both an intense challenge and an unforgettable adventure. 

Now don't get us wrong; it's not a holiday. But it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience filled with adventures and fun, and yes, you do also get to relax and explore.

“Life on board is unlike anything one experiences on land. The goals, the rhythm of the hours and the days, the daily chores, the relationships take on a whole new meaning. You form a separate and independent world with your shipmates, the ship and the ocean. You soon form special bonds together, and the ship becomes part of the team. You share laughter, stories and sometimes, anxiety. It's a delicate balance that must continuously be renewed. It's hard to say what drives this unity between the crew and the ship and what makes a successful journey. It's a successful meeting of a boat, random people joined by their dreams and aspirations. It's a precious shared secret. All we know for certain is that it's an unforgettable experience.”

(adapted from texts taken in the Glénans Navigation guide)


 How does it work?

Every spring and fall, some of the boats in our fleet must travel between Lake Champlain in New York State and the Bahamas.

Professional captains lead these voyages, which takes approximately 3 weeks and which include stopovers in such places as New York City, Norfolk, Beaufort and Abacos.

Each of these sailboats needs crews; 2 to 4 men or women seeking adventure.

Under the supervision of the Captain, you will be required to assist with all aspects on board. From sailing maneuvers to watches, and basically all that is required to run a boat during the transitioning.

You can also join in if you have less time (1 to 2 weeks) by signing up for a specific portion of the journey.

The annual spring transitioning of vessels begins at the end of May. The annual fall transitioning usually begins at the end of September. 




Below is an estimate of the cost for a 2-3-week trip

$650 usd: Participation fee
$400 usd: Food and drink
$300: One-way plane ticket
Fees above include charges for docking, gas, diesel.

How do I register?

Why not register right now for the next trip?
Simply contact us at 514-382-4445 ext. 105 and ask for Guy Boulanger
This individual will be able to answer all your questions and will help you to fill out the required paperwork.
Crews are assigned on a “first-come-first-served” basis. So don't delay!

 Sample Itinerary of a Convoy in the Spring

The length, actual itinerary and stopovers may vary based on the size of the boat and weather. 

Some boats will spend more time sailing in open ocean than others dependent on weather, time, and size of boat.

  • Day 1: Sailing in the Bahamas towards the Abacos
  • Day 2: Possible stopover in the Abacos to enjoy the hot weather and complete any required preparations (such as boat provisioning, etc.)
  • Days 3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11: Sailing north towards New York
  • Day 12: Arrival in New York via the ocean
  • Days 13-14: Layover in New York City
  • Day 15: Sailing north in the Hudson River towards Chelsea
  • Day 16: Sailing north in the Hudson River towards the Catskills
  • Day 17: De-mast at Catskill
  • Day 18: motoring through the set of 13 locks towards Whitehall
  • Day 19: motoring from Whitehall to Ticonderoga (southern Lake Champlain)
  • Day 20: motoring north on Lake Champlain to the Plattsburgh City Marina


What should I bring during the trip

What to bring

  • Passport and medical insurance
  • Warm clothing for the northern portion of the journey
  • Light clothing for the southern portion of the journey
  • Foul weather gear (Can be purchased at Sail or Le Baron)
  • Wool and rubber gloves
  • 2 pairs of deck shoes / Foul weather water-proof boots (non-streaking)
  • Sun screen / lip balm
  • Sunglasses + string/clips
  • Hat + clip
  • Head lamp + batteries
  • Inflatable safety vest (if you already have)
  • Sleeping bag + pillow case

In the spring

Plan your return from Lake Champlain. Car pool with your shipmates, leave a vehicle at the marina or arrange for a friend to pick you up.